WGKF 2013 Congress Minutes

WGKF Congress held on Thursday, Sep 12th. 2013,

Stellenbosch, South Africa

  1. Roll Call

The WGKF General Secretary, Mr. Jiri Bocek announced the roll call which counted 25 representatives of National Federations as present.

  1. President´s address and general information

The WGKF President, Humberto Oliveira welcomed presented members in Stellenbosch and informed them of the important business regarding this event – 2°nd World Goju ryu Karate Championships.

Mr.Oliveira pointed out, that to this Championships were invited all countries of the World and all Goju lines without exceptions.

  1. Vice-President´s address and general information from all continents.

Vice-presidents welcomed and informed about important issues from their continents.

  1. Chairman of EGKF Referee Committee has informed congress members about referee meeting. Congress has elected a new WGKF referee committee for their six years term:

Portugall Uwe (GER)           chairman

Musil Jaromir (CZE)             secretary

Moreno Maite (ESP)            member

Neels Nagel (RSA)               member

Balaphas Thanasi (NZE)        member

Krishnan Santhana (IND)      member

  1. Next World Championships:

Big discussion about long term planning of World Championships, how often and where will take place.


Every 2 years:          15 votes

Every 3 years:            8 votes

Every 4 years:            2 votes


EGKF congress decided, that the World Goju ryu karate Championships will be organized every 2 years.


Place of the next event in 2015:

Germany                     4 votes

New Zealand              19 votes


Next World Goju ryu karate Championships 2015 will be organized in Auckland, New Zealand.

  1. Election of the EGKF auditors:

Ganesh Dalvi (IND)

Murray Simpson (NZE)

They were elected as WGKF auditors unanimously.

  1. Mr. Marcelo Tiberi (Italy), WGKF Honorary President has proposed next ideas:

–       on every WGKF championships should be awarded one special award (diploma) to a special karateka and another to an outstanding figure outside karate world (approved).

–       Mr.Tiberi will prepare proposal for future implementation of children categories into WGKF events. This proposal will be discussed in the Auckland WGKF Congress 2015.

  1. Next congress

The next congress will take place during the 3nd World Goju ryu Championships in Auckland, New Zealand, November 2015.


Jiri Bocek

WGKF General Secretary