WGKF 2010 Congress Minutes

For WGKF Congress held on Wednesday, Sep 29th. 2010, Vila Galé Hotel, Cascais, Portugal

1. Roll Call

The WGKF General Secretary, Mr. Jiri Bocek announced the roll call which counted 17 representatives of National Federations as present.

2. President´s address and general information

The WGKF President, Humberto Oliveira welcome presented members in Cascais and informed them of the important business regarding this unique event – 1°st World Goju ryu Karate Championships.

Mr.Oliveira point out, that to this Championships were invited all countries of the World and all Goju lines without exceptions.

We have 46 countries presented, some countries had problems with their visa obtaining  (Iran, Tadzichistan, etc. )

3. EGKF committee nominate Mr.Oliveira as a President of the WGKF. Because WGKF is a project of EGKF, some administrative persons were nominated as the WGKF EC members. It is not logic to provide a President form Europe and the treasure from Africa for example.

There is also proposal, that Vice-presidents will be leaders of the every continents.

Proposal of the WGKF Executive Committee:

President: Mr. Humberto Nuno Oliveira
General Secretary: Mr. Jiri Bocek
1st  Vicepresident: Mr. Horst Gunter Nehm
2nd Vicepresident: Mr. Alvin Tan Oon Lye
3rd  Vicepresident: Mr. Dennis May
4th  Vicepresident: Mrs. Lilian Kattan
Treasurer: Mr. Pieter Harms

4. Election:

All presented votes agreed, nobody against, no abstain from voting

General Meeting acknowledge names above as a new WGKF Executive Committee.

5. The WGKF President, Humberto Oliveira proposed Mr. Marcelo Tiberi (Italy) as a Honorary President for his first idea of WGKF and his all life work for karate.

Mr. Marcelo Tiberi´s speech:

–       short of his karate history
–       first idea of World Goju Federation in Elvas 2003
–       big thank for help in WGKF development to Mr. Humberto Oliveira  and Mr.Jiri Bocek
–       Mr. Miazato said: All Goju ryu groups together is not possible, if you will be satisfied, it would be great!


All presented votes agreed, nobody against, no abstain from voting

General Meeting acknowledge Mr. Marcelo Tiberi as a new WGKF Honorary President.

6. Proposal regarding time period of the World Championship event and Executive Committee term.

Romania: Better solution is 2 years for the event, not 4 as a Olympic format

Singapur: 3 years
Belgium + South Africa: 3 – 4 years, 2 years are too short, loss of quality

Angola: 2 years
Germany: 4 years due to financial aspects

Czech Rep, Russia, Swiss, Palestina: 3 yaers

New Zeland: 3 – 4 years

7. Application for next World Championships organizer:
South Africa (Mrs.Lilian Kattan) – Great Power Point presentation of the African Goju ryu Federation, presented countries, place of event held etc.

Angola (Mr. Filomeno) – speech presentation, promises …

8. Voting for time period of the World Championship event, Executive Committee term and country organizer of the next WCh.


WCh period                  EC term                 Host country

Austria                                  2                                 3                     South Africa
Angola                                  2                                 3                     Angola
Czech Rep.                          3                                 6                     South Africa
Germany                               4                                 6                     South Africa
South Africa                         3                                 6                     South Africa
Singapour                            3                                 6                     South Africa
Belgium                                3                                 6                     South Africa
New Zeland                         3                                 6                     South Africa
Italy                                        2                                 3                     South Africa
Romania                               2                                 6                     South Africa
Palestina                              3                                 6                     South Africa
Slovakia                                2                                 6                     South Africa
Tadjikistan                            3                                 3                     South Africa
Russia                                  2                                 3                     South Africa
Guinea                                  2                                 3                     South Africa
Swiss                                    3                                 3                     South Africa
Portugal                                3                                 6                     South Africa

General Meeting acknowledge next host country and organizer of the 2nd World Goju ryu Championships in South Africa.

General Meeting acknowledge time period of 3 years for World Goju ryu Championships. Next event will be at 2013.

General Meeting acknowledge the Executive Committee term for 6 years (two periods of the World Championships).

9. Referee course:

Takes place in the sport hall at 29th Sep 2010 from 09:00 to 17:00 lead by Mr. Vitaliano Morandi (Italy). All together 15 candidates, 7 passed licence kumite judge, 8 passed licence kata judge.

Proposal of the WGKF Referee Committee:

Chief referee:          Vitaliano Morandi (Italy)
Member:                    Cardeira Nuno (Portugal)
Member:                    Jaromir Musil (Czech Rep.)
Member:                    Uwe Portugal (Germany)


All presented votes agreed, nobody against, no abstain from voting

General Meeting acknowledge names above as a new WGKF Referee Committee, with the term of six years.

10. Next congress

The next congress will take place during the 2nd World Goju ryu Championships in South Africa 2013.

Jiri Bocek

WGKF General Secretary